Michael Wöß, also known as RISTRIDI, is a 25 year old metal guitarist and sound engineer based in Munich and Darmstadt, Germany.

At the age of 11, Michael was introduced to Metallica and was immediately hooked. After taking guitar lessons for about 3 years and delving deeper and deeper into metal music, he decided to continue playing and learning the guitar self-taught. Now, over 14 years later, Michael has become a technically advanced guitar player known for his clean, yet passionate lead playing.

In 2009, Michael uploaded his first guitar video to YouTube. Finding great joy in music and creating videos, Michael continued building his YouTube channel – it has now grown to feature about 300 uploaded videos, 15.000 subscribers and 3 million views in total.

Michael’s first band projects, called ReBorn and Zenithal Drought, each had a rather different approach; ReBorn was a local music group in which he played his first live gigs, whereas Zenithal Drought was a studio project, creating songs with friends all over the world. ReBorn and Zenithal Drought each released one demo before breaking up.

In 2012, Michael joined the Blackened Death Metal band Sektor from Landshut. The band released two albums thus far, ALPHA (2014) and Allegory (2017) , both of which feature Michael’s lead guitar work.

After a long period of inactivity with composing his own music, Michael returned to writing songs after facing a personal crisis in early 2017. Thus, the project OMEGA POINT was born. The first album of OMEGA POINT, called “The Descent”, is about self-doubt, depression and frustration. By deciding to produce it all on his own, he made his first professional steps into the world of recording, mixing and mastering. The second album „ISOLATION“ was released later in the same year and was written directly after the writing for the first album got finished. „ISOLATION“ evolved around the idea of dark existential thoughts and has a lyrical concept behind it, telling the story of a protagonist’s friend lost to suicide.

After that, he enrolled at University of Applied Sciences in early 2018 to enhance his knowledge about music and sound production. Check out for this topic.

In February 2020, Michael officially joined the classic German Dark Metal Band „Agathodaimon“ under the stage name „Nakhateth“. Agathodaimon is working on its seventh album release right now.